Top Left: (pair) Single 15" & horn from Peavey, Plastic logo removed.
Model: PV115 Black carpet enclosure about 3ft high

Bottom Left: (pair) Single 18" Sub from Peavey
Model: PV118 Black carpet enclosure about 2ft high

Right: (pair) Dual 15" & horn from Peavey Plastic logo removed.
Model: PV215 Black carpet enclousure about 4ft high
(pair) Single 18" Earthquakes from
Cerwin Vega
Model: SL36B
Dark Grey Carpet with silver face about 4ft
high with rollers on back, very heavy!
(pair) Single 15" from Behringer
Model: B215D (Eurolive)
White plastic enclosure about 2ft high
(pair) Single 15" from Peavey
Model: PR15 (Neo)
Light Grey plastic enclosure w/ black grill
about 2ft high (lightweight)

One of these speakers has a input repair on
the back side with a hole where the old input
used to go. The input is dropped about an
inch below factory mount.
(pair) Single 15" from Peavey
Model: PR-SUB (Neo)
Light Grey plastic enclosure with black grill
about 2ft high (lightweight)
(pair) Single 12" from Behringer
Model: B212
Black plastic enclosure with yellow logo
about 1.5ft high
(pair) Single 12" from Yamaha
Model: BR12
Black carpet enclosure with handle on top
about 1.5ft high
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Items stolen 1/7/11 from 1633 Sandalwood Dr:
CCPD Case # 1201070070
In an unfortunate event on 1/7/11, someone stole my 6x12 trailer from my driveway around 2:30am. They obviously took it to a safe spot, cut the locks and
unloaded it completely. They brought it back to my neighborhood empty and left it in a neighbors yard. The trailer had around $8,000 to $10,000 worth of
equipmet in it. It had 2
0 speakers, 15ft of lighting truss with LED lights & fog, 7 amplifiers, multiple mixers & Misc cables, crossovers, sonic maximizer and a
crossover. I ask all my fellow DJs/muscians to please keep an eye out for some fishy people trying to sell expensive equipment. My Police Case # is
1201070070. Luckily I have a large friend base in Corpus Christi & the surrounding areas. Last time I had equipment stolen, it was recovered at a pawn
shop through facebook friends. will operate as planned with borrowed equipment from my friend base. Please contact myself or
CCPD with any suspicions. Thank You!