Items stolen 1/7/11 from 1633 Sandalwood Dr:
CCPD Case # 1201070070
(pair) KintaX LED DMX lights
from Chauvet

Black plastic enclosure about 8" long 8" wide
(4) Par lights
from American DJ

Black metal housing about  7" long
(regular bulb)
(pair) 750w Neutron Star Strobe
by American DJ

Black metal enclosure about 14" long
(1) SKB Shallow Roto Rack Case
Black plastic enclosure w/ red logo

Housed a Power Strip, Crossover, Sonic
Maximizer and a Graphic EQ
(1) 8 channel Power Strip
Model: PC-100A
by American DJ
(1) Digital Sonic Maximizer
by BBE
(1) Stereo Crossover
Model: SR835
by DOD
(1) DBX Dual Channel Stereo Equalizer
Model: unkown

Grey in color
Item looks similar to this sample
(3) SKB 4U Roto Case
Black plastic enclosure
with red logo (says SKB, Orange CA)

Mine have no wheels, just handles
normally stored 2 amplifiers in each one